How to Reset HP Laserjet p1102 Printer

How to reset the HP Laserjet P1102. The use of printers in everyday life is indeed a common thing. Various needs do require printing machines to facilitate the work of printing documents. When the need to print a document large enough can use the laserjet p1102 type smartphone. Printer products from HP are indeed many series, but for those of you who print documents or files in a large number of HP series p1102 laserjet is recommended.

How to Reset HP Laserjet p1102 Printer

Because the hp laserjet p1102 smartphone has several advantages when using this one printing machine. First, it is more efficient and cheaper than using ink printers. Where you can save reffil toner up to 85%. Second, the printouts using the laserjet p1102 series are quite satisfying, because the results will be more concentrated than ink printers. Third, the print results will also be more durable than ink prints will quickly fade especially when exposed to water. That is because toner powder is more durable than ink liquid.

Apart from some of the advantages of using this laserjet p1102 print cell phone there are several problems that may arise when using it in everyday life. One of them in filling the toner refill does require special expertise. Not only does it sometimes experience problems, which are indicated by the condition of the blinking lights. On this occasion we will discuss some issues and how to overcome them. Please refer to the review on how to easily reset the hp type laserjet p1102.

The reset solution for some problems on the HP Laserjet p1102 Printer

1. The cartridge is not detected because the chip is damaged or scratched

The solution can be replaced by a new chip, usually for the HP Laserjet P1102 series using the 85A type chip

2. The print results are black lines on the printed sheet

The problem is due to the presence of a foreign object attached to the scanner or reflective glass, or the problem is with the imaging unit. To overcome these problems, it's best to replace the cartridge with a laserjet printer if it's still good. If this still cannot solve the problem. Please try the solution to reset the following HP Laserjet P1102:

a. The drum has been damaged or has long been replaced with a new drum. Another solution is to use an unused cannibal catdrige

b. If there are tonner marks that stick along the rubber, it should be cleaned with water slowly, considering that the rubber is very vulnerable and thin

c. If there is a small line of dry tonner used along the rubber, it should be cleaned with a cloth soaked with water slowly. On the other hand when there is a small piece of rubber it should be replaced with a new Wiper Blade

3. Black dots on the sheet

The black points in question are in the form of a sprinkling of toner on the cetal sheet, this is due to a problem with the tonner container developer unit. The solution can be by rubbing the drum part with a soft cloth to remove foreign objects. But if this can't be overcome, the only solution is to replace it. Another alternative is to wipe the PCR with a soft cloth to remove any foreign objects attached. But when it cannot be lost or there are scratches or small holes that are circular and bumpy, the PCR must be replaced.

Now that's the way you can follow when there is a problem with the laserjet p1102 cellphone printing machine. Of course by resetting the HP Laserjet P1102 above, you can use your printer as usual without needing to go to the service center.
Title : How to Reset HP Laserjet p1102 Printer
Description : How to reset the HP Laserjet P1102. The use of printers in everyday life is indeed a common thing. Various needs do require printing machine...

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