Download Dell 1130 Laser Printer Driver


Download Dell 1130 Laser Printer Driver

Dell 1130 Laser Printer 

Download Dell 1130 Laser Printer Driver. Dell 1130 Laser is really a reliable printer that was specially created to deliver a great price per value along with a remarkable performance. It is ideal for users who are searching for a low charge per page along with a high productivity. This compact design facilitates it fit perhaps in small rooms. Printer Dell Leser does the project that it’s designed for in a fast and effective way. It doesn’t simply provide fast produce speeds and professional results, but it’s also convenient to use and cost-efficient. Dell 1130 Driver Laser On account of the multiple advantages that it provides and towards the affordable cost, it represents an incredible alternative for each organization or user who needs a high volume of files.

Dell 1130 Laser Printer weighs sixteen pounds (around 7 kg). The dimensions of this printer are 15. 2″ x 15. 3″ times 7. 8″ (36 times 39 x 20 cm). It supports a variety of printing formats like A4, B5, A5, envelopes or letters. It features the input tray which has a sheet feed volume of 250 pages that is placed on top of the printer's. The high volume and smart location of this tray are impressive for a real reasonably priced printer's. The output tray can handle 80 sheets of paper. Access to your toner cartridge bay is easy so it may be replaced easily. Still, it features a useful toner checking that displays a notification in the event the toner is near running out.

Download Dell 1130 Laser Capacity and Features:

Dell 1130 Lazer Driver can print approximately 18 A4 pages each and every minute (ppm). The first page will likely be ready in a few moments. It includes the memory of 8 MB SDRAM along with a 150 MHz brand. Dell 1130 Laser Printer Driver This default printing quality is 600 times 600 dpi or longer to 1200 dpi photograph quality, which definitely fulfills the requirements because of the crisp and thoroughly clean output. The monthly job cycle is of up to 10, 000 webpages for A4. There are two different toner cartridges: a normal one that may print around 1, 500 pages along with a high performance one that can last even approximately 2, 500 webpages.

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